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Built tough for tough use.

The Optical Co Eye Safety uses Trivex lens material across our prescription safety eyewear glasses.

Trivex prescription safety material is tough, lightweight and delivers many benefits including:


Unlike other materials, Trivex is much more resistant to physical impact. Whether the wearer is involved in sports, partakes in physical labour on the daily basis, or unexpectedly ends up in a dangerous situation, our glasses have the strength and durability to handle the impact to protect their eyes.


Typically, when it comes to safety glasses, one must choose between durability and clear vision. Trivex lenses are clearer than other Polycarbonate materials. Trivex material provides both clarity and comfort. Choosing Trivex will provide premium optical quality and crystal clear vision.


Trivex safety lenses are more resistant to common chemicals when compared to other polycarbonate lens materials. For instance, unlike Polycarbonate, Trivex is even resistant to Acetone.


Comfort is critical in order to ensure that your safety eyewear stays on throughout the working day providing the protection you need. As Trivex is 10% lighter than other Polycarbonate materials, by choosing this material, you will ensure all day comfort for the wearer. Our comfort enhancing features from our comprehensive range of frames include: cushioned brows, gel nose pieces, padded nose bridges, vented frames, flexible temples and lenses with adjustable angles.


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